Activities in 2009

January 2009 – updating of the data storage and management system of the CorALit corpus.

February 2009 – updating of the OpenOffice supplement facilitating the inclusion of markers for structural parts.

March 2009 – creation of an ancillary programme in JAVA language devoted to additional text processing and their preparation before inputting into the corpus database.

May – July 2009 – analysis of corpus representativeness (according to Summers, 1996; McEnery & Wilson, 1997; Williams, 2002; Kralik & Šulc, 2005).

July – August 2009 – Student Research Practice organised in the language corpus laboratory ( Research practice was chosen by Julija Budnik, a student of the Faculty of Philology (Vilnius University).

July – December 2009 – balancing of the corpus (Biber, 1993; Kennedy, 1998; Bowker & Pearson, 2002). Intensive search for and encoding of texts in the areas of technological (T) and physical (P) sciences.

September 2009 – updating of the ancillary programme devoted to the additional processing of texts before inputting into the corpus database.

Autumn semester 2009 (October - December 2009) – professional practice for BA students of the Faculty of Philology organised in the language corpus laboratory. Corpus practice was chosen by the following students:Justina Balčiūnaitė, Violeta Blaževič, Agnė Damauskaitė, Viktorija Ivanova, Elizabeta Khiterer, Jovita Miloš, Larisa Mucha, Ana Novik, Justė Stupuraitė, Eglė Šepetytė.

November 2009 – creation of the CorALit internet webpage design, creation of corpus search engine and preparation for the corpus search on the internet (

December 2009 – creation of software working in GRID environment for the analysis and recognition of structural parts. This environment is using a dynamic framework for the creation and testing of neural networks which has been designed this year as well.

January - December 2009 – 3 million words added to the corpus.