Events in 2009

3 April 2009– conference “Lithuanian Language and Modern Technologies: opportunities and problems” organised by the Department of Lithuanian Language, Centre for Computational Linguistics, Research Centre for Intercultural Communication and Multilingualism (Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas). Paper presented:

  • Akademinės kalbos tekstynas (Corpus of Academic Lithuanian) (presenter A. Usonienė)

11-14 June 2009 -international conference „The Baltics as an Intersection of Civilizational Identities” organised by Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas. Paper presented:

  • CorALit: a Tool for Discovering Lithuanian Academic Identity (presenters A. Usonienė, B. Ryvitytė, J. Šinkūnienė)

3 July 2009 - seminar organised by the Lithuanian Association of Applied Linguistics in Vilnius. Paper presented:

  • CorALit svarba tiriant lietuvių akademinį identitetą(The importance of CorALit in investigating Lithuanian academic identity) (presenters A. Usonienė, B. Ryvitytė, J. Šinkūnienė)

9-12 September 2009 - workshop “Natural language processing (NLP) and grid technology in the Baltics”. (convenors: Aurelija Usonienė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) and Guntis Barzdins (University of Latvia)) at the 42nd international SLE (Societas Linguistica Europaea) conference “Global Languages, Local Languages” in Lisbon, Portugal. 4 papers on CorALit and its use presented:

  1. Virtual text repositories in the grid environment (presenter A. Juozapavičius, Vilnius University)
  2. Corpus of Academic Lithuanian (CorALit): design, encoding, representativeness, annotation (presenters B. Ryvitytė, J. Šinkūnienė, Vilnius University)
  3. Automatic classification of structural parts in texts (presenter L. Būtėnas, Vilnius University)
  4. Dynamics of existential assertion in academic Lithuanian: a corpus-based study (presenter V. Kalėdaitė, Vytautas Magnus University)

6-8 November 2009– 4th international conference “Human Language Technologies as a Challenge for Computer Science and Linguistics“ in Poznan, Poland. Paper presented:

  • Compilation of Corpus Academicum Lithuanicum (CorALit): process, results, perspectives (presenters A. Usonienė, L. Būtėnas)

23 October 2009 – seminar on computational linguistics: discussion of cooperation possibilities between Vilnius University and Vytautas Magnus University in the Centre for Computational Linguistics, in Kaunas.

12-13 November 2009 international research conference „Text: linguistics and poetics 17“. Plenary presentation: