CorALit: the Corpus of Academic Lithuanian

Corpus of Academic Lithuanian (Corpus Academicum Lithuanicum – CorALit: was compiled at the University of Vilnius by joint effort of the scientists of the Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. The compilation of this corpus was one of the tasks of the interdisciplinary project “Research and Realisation of Application Tasks by Using Grid Technologies (GridTechno)” (project leader: prof. Algimantas Juozapavičius, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,) coordinated by prof. Aurelija Usonienė (Department of English Philology). From 2007 to 2010 the work was funded by the Lithuanian State and Study Foundation ( within the framework of the national high-tech development programme 2007–2013 launched by the Government of Lithuania.

This specialised synchronic corpus of written Lithuanian was compiled in accordance with the modern theory and practice of corpus compilation and following the TEI P5 (Text Encoding Initiative) text encoding guidelines. The texts in the corpus represent the main fields of study and research developed in Lithuania and listed in the Order No. ISAK-2418 of the Minister of Education and Science of 18 December 2007 “Concerning the Classification of Study and Research Areas, Fields and Branches“ (biomedical sciences, humanities, physical sciences, social sciences, and technological sciences). The corpus includes academic texts published in 1999-2009. The corpus consists of about 9 million words.

CorALit and its publicly available internet version provides prompt and effective assistance to linguists, teachers, pupils, students, researchers, all native and non-native users of language when they are in doubt about the meaning of a certain term, possible contexts of its use, collocation possibilities or when they want to find out in which areas the word or term is used. The corpus is the only tool for carrying out reliable modern research as well as preparation of teaching materials and compilation of dictionaries.



Aurelija Usonienė
Department of English Philology,
Faculty of Philology,
Vilnius University,
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Tel. (+ 370 5) 2687 228
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Algimantas Juozapavičius
Department of Computer Science,
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,
Vilnius University,
24 Naugarduko Str., LT-03225 Vilnius, LITHUANIA, Tel.: (+370 5) 2193 053