Activities in 2007

August – September 2007 – the concept of qualitative and quantitative parameters of the corpus as well as the functionality of the special needs system is discussed and defined

September 2007 — a working seminar with foreign specialists devoted to consultations on corpus linguistics, transfer of international expertise, methodology, design of qualitative and quantitative parameters of the corpus, discussion of functionality of special needs system

September – November 2007 — analysis of TEI P5 standards, discussion of the text encoding method and creation of the system of the main informational elements (encoding markers)

September – December 2007 – defining the structure of the corpus and its main structural parts, size of texts, text types and genres (Bhatia, 1993; Biber, Conrad & Reppen, 1998; Hyland, 2000; Flowerdew, 2002; Swales, 2004; Teubert & ─îermakova, 2007).

October 2007 – January 2008 – analysis of data sources, their selection and classification.

October 2007 – January 2008 — detailed analysis of work methodology and standardised description for the compilation of pilot corpus.

October – December 2007 – testing and adaptation of software; creation of OpenOffice supplement facilitating the marking of structural parts of text.

October – December 2007 – solution of copyright question and signing of agreements with the major publishers of academic prose in Lithuania.

November – December 2007 – creation of the data collection and search engine model for the pilot corpus.

November 2007 – January 2008 – reproduction of texts in the electronic environment and their preparation for inclusion into the corpus.