Events in 2007

26 – 28 September 2007 a working seminar with the members of the BAWE (Corpus of British Academic Written English) corpus group in Warwick University, UK. Discussions with the BAWE project ( director Hilary Nesi, the BASE ( project director Jasper Holmes (research fellow on the BAWE corpus), EASE (Essential Academic Skills in English production director Tim Kelly of the issues of methodology of corpus building methodology in order to avoid mistakes and make the process of corpus compilation smoother and more effective.

29 October 2007 specialised working seminar: presentation and analysis of GridTechno project tasks. Two presentations on the process of corpus design and compilation:

Tekstyno kūrimo procesas pagal GridTechno projekto užduotis (Practical and theoretical issues of the initial stages of the process of designing and compiling the corpus) (presenters A. Usonienė, L. Būtėnas).