Events in 2008

7 January 2008 – seminar organised by the Lithuanian Association of Applied Linguistics in Vilnius. Paper presented:

  • Lietuvių mokslo kalbos tekstyno kūrimas (Building of the corpus of academic Lithuanian) (presenter A.Usonienė)

11-12 April 2008 – “Culture and Dialogue: An International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research and Future of Higher Education“ organised by LCC international university in Klaipėda. Paper presented:

  • Corpus-assisted Learning of Academic Writing across Disciplines (presenters B. Ryvitytė, E. Jasionytė)

13 May 2008 – specialised working seminar “BalticGrid II Kick-off Meeting“ in Vilnius. Paper presented:

16-19 July 2008 – international conference „New Reflections on Grammaticalization 4“, Leuven University, Belgium. Paper presented:

  • On the Grammaticalization of the Lithuanian verb GAUTI (‘get‘) and TEKTI (‘be gotten‘) (presenters A. Usonienė, E. Jasionytė)